So what exactly is it you do?

That’s a question I get asked quite a lot nowadays. I’m sure there are still some people who think I only work on Sundays and are quite surprised to learn I am busy the rest of the week! Somebody once had a meeting with me early one afternoon and said, “So that’s it for the rest of the day, is it?” I guess the reason for this blog is that people know that vicars are kind of busy people but they’re not quite sure what they’re doing. And it’s kind of hard to give a straightforward answer, as the work varies so much from week to week.

When I worked as an accountant I kept regular hours and my job involved lots of numbers, and paperwork, and quite a few meetings (although it was far more varied than you might think). But as vicar there is no precise job specification, and no OFSTED organisation to monitor the goals you have been set, and you’re not even strictly anybody’s employee. (You even have your own section of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1986 to cover your own peculiar circumstances – section 198, if anyone’s interested).  So this blog is aimed to show exactly what I do, and perhaps make me rather more accountable.

But, as I always say, I’m never too busy to make time for people. So if, dear reader, you need to get hold of me, don’t use this blog as an excuse for not getting touch!

Anyway, it’s early Sunday evening, and I’m off to a funeral visit. We’re having our first funeral at St Michael’s tomorrow afternoon, and as I’ve been away for two weeks, there’s a lot to sort out between now and then.

More soon!

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