A quiet summer?

So what’s been going on since my last post? It’s often thought summer is a quiet period in the church, especially as so many church members are away. But God doesn’t quite have the same timetable! The two good things about working over the summer is that you can get up later and you can see more of your family. However it’s not always that easy balancing time with the family with all the other things that come your way.

Take the first funeral at St Michael’s, for example. It went really well, and we also learnt about how to do things differently next time (for example where to put the collection plate). But there was a lot to do to get it all ready in 12 hours! I often use the same few sermons at funerals, but sometimes you want to say something new which might connect with those who are there, especially if they have already been to previous funerals you have taken! Then there’s sorting out the building, and making sure you can work the CD player, and all the co-ordination with the undertakers. All that, and the wake afterwards, took up most of Monday.

Since then, I have been making various pastoral contacts, answering correspondence, and above all else trying to think how to make All-Age Worship on Sunday fresh and exciting. You need to have a constant stream of imagination if All-Age Worship is going to “work”, and it tends to be finding the ideas, rather than putting them on paper that takes the time. Still, there are some good resources out here on the Internet – how did we ever manage without?

And, oh yes, we’ve been doing some drastic rearranging of the garden in preparation for our forthcoming chickens. But that’s another story… see here

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