An unseen ministry

A small, but important, part of my work is bringing Holy Communion to those who are for a variety of reasons unable to attend church. There are any number of people who would like to attend church but are unable to do so, and they can easily be forgotten. Sometimes they are elderly, sometimes they live with a disability, and visiting them is not going to increase the numbers on a Sunday morning. But then again ministry is about people, not numbers, and making sure that those who need it receive the appropriate pastoral care. The solid bread and butter work of visiting seems to have fallen out of fashion, but making connections with people where they are is so important.

Some people prefer the more traditional service from the Book of Common Prayer, others a service in contemporary language. It’s up to them really which they prefer. The main thing is to provide an opportunity where they are able to receive the body and blood of Christ, whatever the exact form of words. So if you know someone in our parishes who would benefit from this ministry, why not let me know? Many of the people I have visited in this way have at one time or another in their lives been active church members, but have lost the connection over the years, and are grateful to re-establish links.

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