One week on

Is it only a week since I’ve back from retreat? Well, yes, it is and although this week has been frantically busy (no time for my MA this week!), I can still sense the calmness and peace I experienced last week in the Oxfordshire countryside.

I guess what makes life particularly busy are the unexpected interruptions and last minute interruptions. Take this Monday for instance which I had booked it out as a quiet morning for sermon preparation. Last Thursday evening I had an e-mail asking me to attend some vitally important governor training. Then on Saturday evening I lost half a tooth while biting on a pumpkin seed – if anything will go wrong in the vicarage it will be on a Saturday evening!  So the first part of Monday morning was spent in the dentist’s chair before going on to the governors’ meeting. Fortunately I had plenty of time and space last week to think what I needed to say, so it took less time than I anticipated to write it. But what I do find is that when I am rushing from one appointment to another is that it’s all too easy to lose your focus and forget it’s not your busyness but the Lord’s business that you’re about. I guess this is where I am so fortunate walking everywhere. It means I have time to take a breather and to have some space to prepare for the next meeting – at least till I bump into someone I meet.

And, oh yes, I’d forgotten, but if I have a flu jab one day, I must remember I will be off colour for the next few after that. Need to remember that next time!

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