A good day

Yesterday I had one of those days which reminded me why I am a vicar. I guess when you go into ministry you imagine you’re going to spend most of your time writing sermons and visiting people. The reality is that you spend a lot of your time moving pieces of paper from one place to another, and moving tables. But from time to time you have a day which reminds you why you are doing what you are doing.

It was a placement supervisor eleven years ago who taught me the importance of “vicaring” about – that is, just spending time out and about seeing who you meet. Yesterday I started off by visiting a family who wanted me to do an internment of ashes. I then dropped in on a lady who is now caring for a seriously ill husband. Then I called at the door of a local pastor who had recently arrived in the area. And after I had been up to the post office, I met a couple of brothers who grew up opposite St Michael’s in Albert Road and wanted to see some of the history in the new church. Four very different encounters, each meeting a different need. But it felt like I was doing something real and productive, and it’s those personal, one to one meetings which in the end bear real fruit.

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