Something different

Last Sunday we tried something different at St Michael’s. We had been experimenting for about a year now with Cafe Church, and it had been a worthwhile experiment. But I was aware too it was taking up a lot of energy and resources to set it up, and thought we should do something else on the third Sunday of the month. The question was what?

Well, over the last few months I have done quite a bit of listening and reflecting. People have said to me how they wanted to hear testimonies in the morning service, and how we needed to grow in unity as a church. I also reviewed cafe church and saw how people were beginning to engage positively with Scripture, and this was something I didn’t want to lose.

Putting all this together, last Sunday began with an interview with one of the churchwardens who spoke really well about his faith and his hopes and dreams for the church. My plan is each month to give the same set of questions in advance to a member of St Michael’s so that gradually we all learnt to hear each others stories.

Then, later on in the service, instead of the sermon, I did a kind of interactive Bible study based on the passage, to teach people how they could find out the dominant theme of the passage and consider why this theme was important to their lives. Again, this seemed to go down really and particularly spoke to one member of the congregation.

So I think we have the ingredients of something good and positive. Not sure yet what to call this service – but I’ll work on it. I was thinking of MAFIA, and something about Faith in Action, but I can’t quite get it to work. Suggestions, however, are very welcome!

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