The joy of the Lord

When did you last meet someone who really was on fire for the Lord? I was chatting to someone recently and as we spoke, it became clear that she had recently had a wonderful experience of Christian fellowship and meeting Jesus personally. It wasn’t something that she forced into the conversation, or went around proclaiming loudly. It was just that in her own quiet way she couldn’t help talking about what had happened.

You might think these kinds of conversations are common in my ministry. Sadly they are not. I am always struck when I ask people on a Sunday morning how often folk can find points for prayer, but struggle to find things to thank God for. We might get round to mentioning the weather, or the flowers coming into bloom. But what I long for is that people share stories of how God has been at work in their life, and give praise to Him for the real difference He has made.

What am I thankful for at the moment? Lots of things… I’ve involved in a lot of baptism preparation at the moment, and I always enjoy sharing the gospel with those who are exploring the Christian faith. Weddings, which are always a joyous celebration and a chance to show that the church can be a place of rejoicing! Apparently small answers to prayer, that actually make a huge difference. And feeling a lot fitter physically, than I did earlier in the year.

What have you got to thank God for at the moment? Wouldn’t we all be so much more encouraged if we really could hear stories of how God has changed lives for good? We are, after all, supposed to be a community of good news…


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