A satisfying day

Sometimes you have to be careful to practice what you preach. I preached recently on Jesus – the bread of life – and I talked about the need to hunger after Jesus and to feed off Him. And of course it’s very easy to tell other people to do this. But if I’m really honest it’s sometimes teaching that I need to hear myself. When it’s your “job” to preach and teach the word of God, you can be so busy explaining what the Bible means today, you don’t actually hear what the Lord is trying to say to you.

This is why the day I attended yesterday in Exeter was so refreshing. It was a day conference organised by the Peninsular Gospel Partnership which is a local organisation committed to training local church leaders in teaching and preaching the Bible. And what made the day so special was the combination of preaching and practical wisdom. We opened and closed with Bible exposition that encouraged, challenged and spoke to the situation of the local minister. But in between we also heard wonderful testimony of what the Lord is doing right now in Devon and Cornwall across a range of denominations. Of church growth, of faithful, patient church planting, of new initiatives bringing churches together. Not in the places you might expect. But here in this region. It was hard not to come away with a new passion and a new vision of all the Lord is doing.

I came away from the day truly fed…and I hope and pray that one day we will too have a testimony of how the Lord satisfied our hunger and blessed us abundantly. After all, why shouldn’t revival happen here?


One Response to A satisfying day

  1. Sarah says:

    Amen!!! 😀

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