A special Sunday

For some time now I have felt we have needed to develop a ministry among those with learning difficulties. It seems not only me, but Christians from a number of churches across the city. At the weekend it seemed as if the Lord gave us the green light to go ahead with the project. We had Pete Winmill and Debbie Starling from Causeway Prospects come to take the service at St Michael’s and we had so many visitors. It was a very simple service with very little liturgy but it really felt as if the Holy Spirit was in the service, as vulnerable adults and young people from several churches all joined in. At the end a number of people came forward expressing an interest in restarting a Prospects Group in the city. But there was so much more to the service than that. I think we learnt a lot about worship and hopefully we’ll take these lessons on into our ongoing life at St Michael’s. And a number of people volunteered to take on other ministries as well.

After two special services over the last fortnight, we’re back to the usual pattern this Sunday – or are we? I sense that we might just be at the start of something new and exciting, providing we’re willing to listen to God and not depend on the same old routines. Let’s just see…

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