My Anchor Point

Captain’s Blog: 3 Feb 11

Do you have an anchor point, a place you can return to again and again at different points in your life? For me, my anchor point is Lee Abbey. Lee Abbey is a Christian community on the North Devon coast which was opened in 1946. My late mother was a friend of the community from the mid 1950s and one of my earliest memories is being on holiday there when I was three.

Lee Abbey from the South

Later on in the mid 1980s I went for a couple of summers to the camps they organise for 13-25s and I still remember the teaching and fellowship there as being some of the best I have ever experienced this side of heaven. If you or someone you know fall in this age bracket, I cannot recommend too highly that you go.

Then from 1997-1999 I went on the ordinands’ retreats and for a young family coping with the changes of going into the ministry these were invaluable times of support and prayer.

Another 12 years later, I find myself there again. There really could be no better start to a sabbatical than spending five days there, mostly in silence, taking wise counsel from a more experienced minister, and enjoying the breathtaking scenery of wild coastlines and rocky moorland. It is a place where the majesty and power and love of God are so much in evidence, and where the community of about 80 people from around the world give themselves for a year, or maybe more, in wonderful acts of service to those who stay. I know that this somewhere I will continue to visit for the rest of my life at significant points, and it will always have a special place in my heart.

The coast line from the Valley of the Rocks

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