Some books I have been reading

I’m always on the look-out for good quality Christian books that can be easily be picked up and put down, which I can then recommend to busy people to read in small chunks (or not so busy people to read rather more quickly!). Here are a couple that I can strongly suggest you buy, borrow, or put on your wish-list for your next birthday:

A God-sized vision by Collin Hansen and John Woodbridge looks at the whole issue of revivals in church history. It starts off by giving a biblical foundation for revival, and explains what a revival actually is. Then chapter by chapter, it relates the story of famous revivals, the people involved and the lessons, both positive and negative, we can learn from them. Then it finishes by looking at the question of revival today. It is neither sensationalist, or written with a particular axe to grind. A thoroughly balanced, well-thought book that certainly inspired and challenged me, and led me to pray about the life of our own local churches.

In the steps of Jesus is written by Peter Walker who taught me my New Testament studies and will be leading the tour to the Holy Land I shall be undertaking next month. This is simply a beautiful book that brings alive the world of the New Testament in a stunning way. Even if you don’t like reading that much, you will enjoy all the amazing photos. Each chapter of the book describes some part of Israel in the first century and relates the geography to the Biblical references. You will certainly end up seeing new details in the gospels you never noticed before. Then there is a timeline showing what has happened to the site over the centuries, before describing what it is like visiting the site today. Don’t worry if you never intend to visit Israel yourself – the book is specifically designed to bring the country alive for the armchair traveller. I cannot recommend it too highly.

By the way, if you are intending to buy these or any other Christian books, can I recommend you order them through your local Christian bookshop? It may be much easier or even cheaper to order them on Amazon, but Christian bookshops are dying, and many places are losing what is often the only Christian presence on the High Street.

And if you enjoy a good Christian book, why not pass it on? Although we now live in an electronic age, literature has always placed a vital part in nourishing and sustaining folk in their Christian faith, and I can certainly tell stories of certain key books that helped me immensely grow in my relationship with Jesus over the years.


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