Palm Sunday

I’m just back from Israel after a very special trip to Galilee and Jerusalem. I haven’t had much time to sort out photos etc, and it’s going to take me some time to get back to full speed after the sabbatical, but here are two pictures with a Palm Sunday theme.

The first is a view of 21st century Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. The view, of course, is now dominated by the Golden Dome mosque built on the site of the Temple Mount in the 7th century, and you can see in the foreground all the graves lining the Kidron Valley. The Kidron Valley is also called the valley of Jehoshaphat. It is where the Jewish people expect the Lord to return to judge (according to Joel 3:12) – and so  it is the place where many wish to be buried.

The second photo shows the gate through which Jesus would have entered on the way into Jerusalem. Ezekiel predicted the return of the glory of the Lord from the east into the temple (Eze 43:1-2). Did the crowds on the first Palm Sunday realise this when they shouted “glory!” and acclaimed Jesus as the King of Israel? If so, it makes the following events of Holy Week all the more poignant, as so many people deserted and rejected the Lord returning to His city and His Holy Place.

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