I’d like to show you the view…

There used to be a nice view here across the tram tracks in Seaton past the holiday camp all the way down to Axmouth Harbour. However a few years back Tesco’s demolished the holiday camp and after protracted arguments recieved permisison to develop on the site. As part of the planning agreement they agreed to raise the level on the site by 2m by pumping gravel from the sea. This was to meet enviromental concerns about possible flooding. So when the mound has been levelled out there will then be substantial building on top of it.

In the meanwhile Seaton has not only lost a holiday camp but a local workforce and a substantial tourist trade. It also lost its swimming pool, and a nursery. It’s not a good time to be a trader in Seaton at the moment.

And it’s not as if Tesco’s are short of stores in the area, as the following map shows (snipped from the Tesco’s store locator):

It seems to be a case of proving that if you are large and powerful enough you can do anything. No doubt a new Tesco’s will benefit Seaton but do the ends justify the means? I have my doubts.

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