Education Sunday feedback, and why it matters

It was Education Sunday yesterday. I am not keen on having loads of Sundays set apart for different causes, but I felt it was important to mark this particular one. So to introduce the theme I simply asked how many different schools were represented by pupils, teachers, parents and carers in the congregation. Our numbers were fairly low on Sunday – just over 50 across the two churches, so I was absolutely amazed that between them we had at least 25 different schools represented.

We’re in the middle of putting together our Mission Action Plan at the moment. It seems to me that one of the most effective ways we can engage in mission is by developing all these contacts we have. Plus, of course, we mustn’t forget there is a primary school in both parishes, and a technical college coming next year on the site of the old Parkside school. We need to think and pray imaginatively how we can make an impact on the children we serve. They deserve the very best we can give them, because they need to grow up understanding the gospel.

So what practical steps do we need to take? Over to you… Feel free to leave some comments.

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