Chuck Colson

The death was announced a few days ago of Chuck Colson. Here are two obituaries of his life:

From the BBC

From the Gospel Coalition

Do you see the difference? In the world’s eyes Chuck Colson will be remembered for his political career and for his role in the Watergate scandal. His subsequent conversion is really little more than a footnote, to explain what happened to him after he came out of prison. But for the believer, Chuck Colson’s life really started when he met with the Lord Jesus in prison. His influential ministry over the next 40 years are the most valuable part of his life, and what we need to remember.

I was struck by how starkly these two obituaries reminded us of the difference between two perspectives – that of the world and of the believer. The world sees the political achievements, the honours, the social standing. The believer sees what a person has become by the grace of God. Which perspective do we have of those around us? And what you would most like to be remembered for? Now those are a couple of questions well worth pondering…

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