Senior Ministers’ Conference 30th April to 3rd May 2012

The Proclamation Trust has been around for about thirty years now. It was born out of the conviction that what the church needs above all in these days is the clear, direct proclamation of God’s word. As Christopher Ash – a director of its Cornhill Training Course puts it in his book Remaking a Broken World:

Unless our first desire when we gather is to hear and heed the voice of God in His word, we have missed the foundation point of the church” (p.52).

This very much sums up the approach of the Proclamation Trust, which I believe to be a profoundly a Biblical one. So ever since I have been ordained, I have tried most years to attend one of their conferences around the country.

That’s why I was away last week in Leicestershire. We had a series of expositions in the morning from John’s gospel, and a brilliant series of lectures in the evening on the uses and limits of history in exposition and evangelism. I also attended a preaching workshop on Micah and a round table discussion on small groups in churches. In between time there was much time for fellowship across denominations and with people from around the world (including South America, Africa and Australia), and also time with God.

It was a useful time to see the larger picture of what God is doing in the world, and to be spiritually recharged. The journey there and back was something else – with flooding, a bridge strike and industrial action (!) – but it was well worth being there.

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