Chaos at the Vicarage…

…and no, I am not referring to the state of my study.

The vicarage was never purpose built as a vicarage. As far as I can tell, it became the vicarage of St Barnabas some time in the 1940s. Originally it was designed as an Edwardian villa, but its function was rendered obsolete almost immediately by the first world war. So what is now the dining room was originally the kitchen, which explains why the larder is at the far end, while the kitchen was the scullery.

In practice we have been left with a long, thin kitchen where it is very difficult to invite guests. So if, for example, someone calls in at the vicarage we either have to leave them alone in the lounge while we make a cup of tea, or none of us end up with a drink. We have long wanted to knock through from the dining room to the kitchen so we can minister more effectively to visitors.

The good news is that the diocese has now agreed to do this work during the summer holidays. However this also means that for the next month or so we are going to be busy clearing the dining room and the kitchen. But of course before you can do that you need to make the space for the all the stuff you are going to store. That involves clearing the garage and the spare room, and deciding what to do with everything you once thought might come in useful or couldn’t bear to throw away.

Right now, I can see exactly why simplicity is such a virtue. But it doesn’t make the decisions any easier…


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