Summer rhythms

In some ways August is a quiet month. Many church members are away, and we don’t have usual cycle of church meetings. I don’t mean to say that nothing happens – after all God doesn’t take a holiday! We are moving into our new sermon series from Luke’s gospel, and our readings have certainly challenged me about what it means to have a direct encounter with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

So what does the vicar do? Well, first of all August is a good chance to catch up with people, and make those visits you’ve been planning to do for ages. Not only has it been good to encourage and to pray with the folk I have visited, it has also been good to realise just how much faithful, persistent prayer is being offered for the life of the two churches. We need to recognise and value the great contribution so many of our elderly saints in particular make.

Secondly, I have learnt from experience how important it is to be ready for the Autumn. September/October time can be our busiest months, and it’s vital to be able to hit the ground running. Already my diary for September is starting to look very busy, and so that’s not going to be the time to plan and prepare. In addition I am attending a diocesan clergy conference in the middle of September that takes out the inside of a week, and the work on knocking through from the kitchen to the dining room is now starting late September, so I can see disruption ahead!

Mind you, with the Olympics now in full swing there is an element of discipline required. You can’t keep planning off till tomorrow, and besides which, there’ll be another medal event taking place then!

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