Using the web

God gives us free will. That is not just a theological statement. It is also a realistic assessment of how we use any new technological innovation. Whenever something is invented, some people will harness the technology for good, some will harness it for evil. This week I have been on some child protection training, and it is always horrifying to hear how the Internet is being used and abused by people with wicked intentions. It certainly made me realise we ought to pray for those who police the Internet. You can only begin to imagine the sort of material they have to watch day in, day out and the work they have to do in interviewing criminals and their victims.

But that doesn’t mean that the Internet is of itself wicked and evil – only what we do with it. So how should Christians use the world-wide web? I guess there are many different answers to this question. But one good way is surely to become aware of the situations our brothers and sisters face around the world, particularly in situations of persecution and imprisonment. If we have a heart for the gospel we can no longer claim ignorance of the situation that the persecuted church is facing.

So let me share two stories I found this week from one of my regular sites:

The release of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani

The release of a Christian girl in Pakistan accused of blasphemy

So much to give thanks for, but at the same time so much to pray for. I can only begin to imagine what it means to follow Jesus in a country like Iran or Pakistan. Surely it behoves all of us to keep monitoring their situation and use what we read as fuel for our prayers.




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