When you pray…

We were looking at the Lord’s Prayer in the Soul youth group this week. It’s a prayer most of us know off by heart, but how much do we ever think about the words? We were looking at the fact the Lord’s Prayer is meant not only to be said, but also used as a pattern for our prayers. I then challenged Soul to come up with their own prayer based on the Lord’s Prayer and this is what we came up with:

Hello, God!

You are just

                   all powerful

                   loving and kind.

 We want to say thank you for food and shelter

                                                            for  helping us through the day

                                                            for loving us

                                                           for letting us into your family

 We pray for protection and energy through the day

                    for  help with schoolwork and friends 

 Please forgive us when we get things wrong

                                  when we snap at people

Help us to forgive others and ourselves

                   to tell others about you

                   to resist temptation

 Help those around us – our family and friends

 For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory.


If you were going to write a prayer patterned on the Lord’s Prayer, what would you come up with? Why not spend some time this Advent reflecting on the Lord’s Prayer and try putting it in your own words?

And if you want a good book that helps you model your prayer life around the Lord’s Prayer, then let me recommend a book by Richard Coekin called Our Father (Enjoying God in prayer). Well worth reading, or passing on as a Christmas present!

By the way, if there are any other Christian resources you are looking for, then I do recommend looking at 10ofthose.com
– probably the cheapest site and the best way of supporting Christian publishing I know.


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