A time of serving

So Pentecost is over, and Trinity Sunday too. No major festivals now until Harvest. Every Sunday between now and November will simply be known as “the xth Sunday after Trinity”. All sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it?

But maybe we should welcome this change in the church calendar. After all, it would be nice to gather and celebrate a major festival most weeks, but to put it very simply life isn’t like that. Most of our life consists of keeping on keeping on, continuing in the same routine and rhythm. And so the challenge for us after Pentecost is quite simply to put Jesus at the centre of the every day and carry on living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

That’s certainly been a challenge for me this week. For various reasons a lot of the past seven days has involved sorting out financial records, attending meetings and setting up events – the  frustrating, behind the scenes work that often goes unnoticed. I find on such occasions it’s good at times to stop and ask one simple question: “In whose strength am I doing this?” It can be so easy to talk about the grace of God and then live as if everything depends on you! And the danger is, we can end up missing where God actually is at work.

I also know I am particularly looking forward to Sunday tomorrow. Even though I will as usual be up front, more and more I find fellowship with other Christians an important part in keeping my faith fresh. It may have taken me years to fully appreciate this fact, but you can’t live in the power of the Holy Spirit and be a solitary Christian. That’s why I for one have found the recent sermon series on being the body of Christ so powerful. It’s reminded me not only that to survive and thrive after Pentecost do I need the support and prayers of other Christians. It’s also reminded me again of the need to serve others so they too are able to survive and thrive in their faith. Even and especially when the task at hand is boring, routine or mundane.

Because it’s when we are living out our faith at the coal face that people begin to sit up and take notice. I have heard so many testimonies over the years that has begun with someone noticing something different about their work colleague or carer or neighbour. That’s as much the work of the Holy Spirit as the big, dramatic conversion. So if you are struggling with the routine of the every day at the moment, be encouraged. God can and will use you even where you are! Keep on keeping on through all the weeks after Trinity and you may just be surprised by the results…

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