New Discoveries

It’s been a weekend of new discoveries.

On Friday we as a family explored the delights of Rame Head for the first time. Because of the extremely low tide we had a picnic in a cove below Penlee Point where we explored rockpools, and caverns, and all kinds of sea creatures. We seemed to be the first people on the beach that day, and there’s always something exciting about being the first people on a stretch of sand. To have the only set of footprints until the next tide or the next visitors is always something magical.

Yesterday, Lynda and myself walked from Venford reservoir down towards Dartmeet, and then back to the main road at Combestone Tor. We very much sensed we were treading in the paths of our ancestors. The path followed at one point an old droveway, with hut circles behind a field boundary on the left, and an ancient wood on our left. We could have spent all day looking at the way the moors changed colour with the fleeting clouds, or following the ancient stone walls which cut across the empty landscape.

And we both thought, “Why haven’t we done this before?”

It hasn’t been all play over the summer holidays. I find more and more that I am spending time talking to folk one to one about their faith. What I keep discovering again and again that so often people seem to base their knowledge of the Christian faith on what they remember from when they used to go to church, or what they learnt at school. If it’s not stretching a point too far, it’s rather like me saying I know Dartmoor because of the childhood memories I have of visiting places like Belliver and Hay Tor. As this weekend has shown more, there are far more places to visit, far more sights to see.

And isn’t this also true of the Christian faith? We may a rough idea of what the Bible says, or think we know the Christian message. But there’s more, much more in there to discover. I find that as I go on over the years I keep discovering things I haven’t noticed before, or little details I had previously failed to appreciate. Why not take some time to go for a leisurely, scenic walk through Scripture, and see what leaps out at you? You may just be surprised at what you find.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the last few days. First, from the beach at Penlee Point, and from our walk round to Combestone Tor:


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