Something for the little grey cells

We had a thoroughly enjoyable quiz night at St Barnabas last night. If you missed this one, don’t forget you can join us for one at St Michael’s on 6th December. In the meanwhile here are the icebreaker questions I asked last night. The answers are all places in and around Plymouth (including across the Tamar).  Enjoy!


  • Return font
  • Throw rocks at American TV Doctor?
  • Israelite food accompanied by alcoholic beverage
  • Hear band talking about my generation
  • If Sindy can’t…
  • Employ England batsman
  • If she won’t co-operate…
  • Big bird is fine
  • Something laid on TV gardener
  • Tell astronaut to stop, apparently



  • Wot, no crime? (6,4)
  • No matter, fool it! (8,6)
  • Not proved
  • Halt, ass!
  • A noble rest (4,6)
  • What’s you?
  • Into port
  • Name it, son
  • Noble rut
  • Suit women (5,4)

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