A tale of two testimonies

Yesterday I posted on Facebook the amazing story of the pastor at the Nuremberg trials. Do take time to read it – it is a powerful witness to the grace of God yet told without any embellishment, and with an authentic realism:

Henry Gerecke – Chaplain to Nazi War Criminals

Today I received a statement from the Evangelical Alliance about the removal of Avanti Ministries from the organisation. This is of some local interest because a few years ago Tony Anthony featured in a large event at the Guildhall. It looks here as if a testimony was deliberately bigged up to make it more dramatic and more spectacular than it really was.

I couldn’t help contrasting the two articles. On the one hand, here is the little known work of someone who without public acclamation carried out the Lord’s will and was content to leave God to be the judge of his work.  On the other hand, here is a ministry apparently built on a deception in order to garner public attention.

It can be so easy to get carried away by the impressive story of dramatic conversions, and think these really must be the evidence of God at work. But God is more interested in the faithful, truthful work of ordinary Christians going about their ordinary business. Because out of unspectacular obedience can flow extraordinary results – but only by the grace of God.

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