Servants and Stewards

On Thursday I finished the yearlong leadership course Servants and Stewards which I have been attending once a month in Exeter. This was a course delivered by CPAS on behalf of the diocese and as such represented a considerable investment by the diocese in its clergy. So far two groups of about a dozen ministers have finished the course, two are half way through and two are about to start.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! It has been a very positive if at times very challenging experience, and I hope our two churches receive some of the benefits of the training. What’s been so good about it? In no particular order,

  • the chance to share with other leaders who are often facing similar situations even in very different contexts across Devon.
  • the space to reflect once a month on the life of the churches and the ministry I offer.
  • confirmation that at least in some areas I am on the right track!
  • useful input and resources to help develop the life of the churches.
  • resources to strengthen myself personally in the task of leadership.

No doubt I’ll offer more reflections in due course. I guess the key question that I am still wrestling with is how to develop leadership as part of a team. The old model of a vicar being in charge of everything just doesn’t work in today’s world. How to raise up and develop new leaders is an issue I am seriously praying about – and something I think that should be on all our hearts.

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