Lent Blog Day 1 – A time to be silent

It can be very easy to miss the start of Lent. In all the rush and busyness of the working week you can so easily get to Thursday or Friday and then suddenly realise Lent has already. That’s why I believe  we need the discipline of Ash Wednesday – a fixed day when we do something intentional that marks the changing of the season. It’s a time to vary the routine, to try something different, and I would suggest, it is a time to be silent. Tear yourself away from the computer, switch off your phone, unplug the television. Dare to enter into silence, as you prepare to journey with Jesus through the desert. And as you get used to the silence, try and listen to what God might be saying. Of course He can (and does) speak to us at any time, but show you mean business by actually devoting time and effort to listening. You might just be surprised by what happens.

I realise, however, that not all of what we hear might be from God. That’s what Jesus discovered as He grew hungrier and more weary as each, long day followed on from the next out in the desert of Judah. So, yes, enter the silence, but do so with your Bible open, and let that be the living Word to you. So as you catch the still, small voice, you will have the Word confirm whether what you hear is from God. And when you know God has spoken to you, act on what you hear. After all, Lent is just not personal therapy for believers. It’s about equipping and enabling for the task of mission after Easter, when we re-engage with the old, busy routines, transformed with the knowledge the Lord has spoken.

That, at least, is the theory. Now to find out how well I get on with silence this Lent…



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