Black Friday v Good Friday

Black Friday is a date devised by man.

Good Friday is a time appointed by God (Rom 5:6).

Black Friday is about spending what we earn.

Good Friday is about receiving what we can never earn (Rom 6:23).

Black Friday is about getting the best possible deal.

Good Friday is about counting all things loss (Phil 3:8).

Black Friday is about buying stuff that won’t last.

Good Friday is about gaining an inheritance that will never perish, spoil or fade (1 Pet 1:3-4).

Black Friday is about satisfying our material desires.

Good Friday is about satisfying our deepest desires (John 6:35).

Black Friday is for those who have money to spend.

Good Friday is for everyone, including those who have nothing (Luke 23:42-43).

Black Friday is supposed to have a connection with Christmas.

Good Friday is the reason why Jesus came into the world (Matt 1:20-21)

One Response to Black Friday v Good Friday

  1. Jing Li Sidey says:

    I will copy it and put in our staff room…

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