Whatever has the diocese done for us?

When it comes to discussing our finances, there’s a lot of talk about our payments to the “diocese”. And sometimes I realise it can quite hard to understand exactly what the diocese does, or what benefit we gain from belonging to its structures. So here are some examples where recently I have been in touch with the “diocese”:

  • The safeguarding unit have provided invaluable advice about how to put together a parish safeguarding policy, and to ensure safer recruitment of volunteers.
  • The legal advisors have provided us with the information we needed about a deed drawn up during the redevelopment of St Barnabas.
  • The finance department have furnished us with details about some investments the diocese manage on behalf of St Michael’s.
  • The property department has put in motion a small repair to the vicarage that needs performing fairly quickly.

These are just some small examples of the many different ways the central services of the diocese support the ministry of both churches, often behind the scenes. If we had to pay for the equivalent services as a charity, then the cost to us would be considerably greater. It may at times be hard to pay our parish share, but we do get a lot for our money, and it is worth praying for all that these people do.


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