Do you remember?

At St Michael’s and St Barnabas we agreed a Mission Action Plan at our APCM in April 2012. We said that it would have a lifespan of five years, so in less than two years we are going to have to draw up a new one! (Memo to self: need to plan an away day next year to reflect on the progress made and to start the process for drawing up a new one).

In case you have forgotten what it’s all about, or have recently joined the church, here’s what it looks like:

MAP 2015 picture

Without reference to the Mission Action Plan, I asked the PCCs back in May what they were praying for the church. The answers came back:

  • Knowing Jesus better
  • A better sense of belonging
  • More people

Can you see the obvious link to our Mission Action Plan?

  • Knowing Jesus better – being with Jesus
  • A better sense of belonging – being with each other
  • More people – being in the wider world.

Then there are the three priorities for the Diocese of Exeter set out by Bishop Robert:

  • Growing in prayer
  • Making new disciples
  • Serving the people of Devon with joy

Again, we can link these three priorities with our Mission Action Plan:

  • Growing in prayer – being with Jesus
  • Making new disciples – being with each other
  • Serving the people of Devon with joy – being in the wider world.

I don’t think these connections are a coincidence. Rather I believe they remind us that our Mission Action Plan sets out a God-given vision for a healthy, growing church. It may be three years old now, but why not over the summer take time to look at it again and see what the Lord may be saying to you through it? Think how your walk with Jesus is going; how your relationships with your fellow believers are growing; and what impact you are making with your faith. Let’s use these weeks when the church life is quieter to reflect and prepare for the coming Autumn so that we might be ready for all the Lord will do.

One Response to Do you remember?

  1. Jing Li Sidey says:

    Tim, thank you for last evening s Bible study. I feel very blessed to be able to listen and learn from you Lynda and others in the group. Thank you for allowing me be in the group. I am far too less knowing Bible but willing to learn. the study groups made me far more connected with other members and being pray together we have stronger sense of being with Jesus. Thank you.

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