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This is a discovery unreported by the national media but one I find hugely exciting:

Why the fuss? First of all, it’s not every day that we find the personal seal of a king from the Bible. Hezekiah was one of the godliest kings of Judah who lived in the 8th century BC, and the statistical probability of finding his royal seal is surely very small. Yet here is archaeological proof staring us right in the face that such a king existed and his details match the Biblical record.

And this leads on the second and far more important point. People often and lazily assume you can’t trust the Bible, that it’s just a work of fiction with no real basis in fact. The evidence of archaeology is however pointing more and more in the opposite direction. The more objects are being dug up in the land of Israel, the more evidence is being found which bears out the truth of the Biblical record.

So, for example, in 1962 the first inscription was found on the site of Caesarea Maritime bearing the name of Pontius Pilate. In 1994 excavations at Tel Dan gave us the first reference outside the Bible to King David. Now we have the personal seal of King Hezekiah. More and more the world of ancient Israel is coming to light, and what is being discovered bears out the truth of the Biblical text.

That’s a thought well worth bearing in mind as we come to the Christmas story. Of course some people are never satisfied no matter how much evidence we give them, but that is no reason to doubt that our faith rests on firm, historical foundations. And that to me is good reason to celebrate and to praise the Lord at any time.



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  1. Jing Li Sidey says:

    Every time I read your writing here it always clear my head a lot about the Bible and the stories relate to Jesus s teaching. Thank you Tim for the lead and deepen our understanding….

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