Thy kingdom come – live update!

It’s been a fantastic week at St Michael’s and the prayer week is in full swing. Some initial observations:

  • It’s been a great week for fellowship and growth in the church. In the quiet periods it’s been good for folk from both churches to spend time together. You can’t manufacture fellowship – it only comes when you have the time to get to know another, and this week has provided that time.
  • It’s been fascinating to see how church folk have been using and developing their gifts, and I can see how our life together will be enriched by these few days.
  • People will not generally come into the church just by seeing publicity or picking up an invitation. The six feet from pavement to church door might as well be a yawning chasm – so we need to be on the pavement. And it’s amazing what happens when you do talk to folk passing by. Some may be in a hurry, or not want to talk, and that’s fine. But those that do are generally very open and I think glad that the church is doing what it’s supposed to do.
  • As you chat, you discover there are many people who used to have a connection with church, but do so no longer. And more often than not, the church has to bear some of the blame for that lost connection. So we need to ask – how do we help them reconnect and provide a more positive experience of worship and fellowship?
  • For most young people, however, there has never been any real connection with church and they have no understanding of the Christian faith. This week has reminded me again of the extent of this challenge – and the only answer can be to keep on praying for them. This week is as much about sowing as reaping, and trust that in the Lord’s timing seeds planted will bear fruit.

One Response to Thy kingdom come – live update!

  1. Jing Li Sidey says:

    Our church is growing more close to each other and it is very important to know each other. By sharing life experiences and pray together- my faith in Jesus is growing. Thank you Tim and Lynda s leading as i learned greatly here and got a lot comforting too.

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