What is God’s word saying to us?

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One of the most important tasks I face as a minister is preparing the preaching programme for the next few months. It requires a lot of planning and prayer to discern which passages or themes we need to look at next. But somehow the Lord always manages to use whatever is chosen, and I have been particularly struck by how appropriate the teaching material has been over the last few months. We have all learnt (myself included!) from our series about why we come to church, and the current series from the book of Colossians has taught us so much about what it means to be the church of Jesus Christ and why it is so important if we call ourselves a Christian to belong to His people. If you have been away and missed a sermon or two – head over to the ministry page, you won’t want to miss out!

So what about in the Autumn? Well, first of all there will be plenty of special events – our 175th anniversary weekend of 29th to 30th September (details out shortly), Harvest, Remembrance Sunday and the run-up to Christmas. But through all of it we are going to carry on in Luke’s gospel and look at what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We may have looked at this theme before but there is always so much more we can learn about what it means to be a disciple, serving and loving Him each day.  And with the start of Remembrance Sunday we are going to prepare for Advent as we consider what it means to say Jesus is coming back. Finally over Christmas we are going to ask, in the words of a well-known carol, What child is this? I hope you can see that in all this our aim is to promote Jesus, to inspire all who come to know and love Him more.

I haven’t yet put together a programme for the New Year but at the moment my plan is to work through the early chapters of Genesis as we answer questions such as:

  • Has science disproved God?
  • Why should I care about the world?
  • Why can’t I work 24/7?
  • What does it mean to be made male and female?
  • Why is the world in such a mess?

As always if you have ideas about what we should cover, or particular themes, then I am always willing to hear them. And let’s pray that as God’s word goes out, lives are changed for good, to the glory and praise of Jesus, who as we discovered a few weeks ago, is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation (Colossians 1:15)

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