Blog: Day one – looking back on our anniversary weekend

Photos will appear from day three onwards!

It has been a truly extraordinary weekend at St Michael and St Barnabas. I must thank and praise the whole church family who worked so hard with such good grace and in such harmony. Your dedication and effort was a tribute to the gospel.

Even more importantly I must thank and praise the living Lord who has brought His church into being and called us into His service.

For first of all He is a faithful God. To see so many people at our anniversary service going back so many years reminded me of how the Lord has been at work over so many years and remained the same through all the changes we have experienced.

Secondly our God is an active God. It was very special to have Bishop Robert come and confirm Sarah and Kelly in their faith. To see these two ladies publicly affirm their faith proved that God still changes lives today.

Thirdly our God is a global God. So often our vision of Him can be so small, so parochial. Tonight we joined in the worship of Jay and Pam’s former church in Bracknell. Tomorrow we are travelling to Thika. Wherever we go, He is already at work building His church.

So this evening on day one of our adventure I simply want to give Him the honour and glory that is due His name. To Him be praise forever and ever. Amen!

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