Thika diary – Swani parish – photos #3

On their first full day in Thika, Revd Tim, Jay, Pam and Beth joined the diocesan group in a visit to Swani parish. They soon learned that roads are rarely anything other than a dirt track, that no-one bothers about ‘the rules of the road’ and that dust gets everywhere!

A first look at CCMP – Church and Community Mobilisation Project

Often, CCMP focuses on creating a water supply … here allowing the owner to grow crops on this ground for the first time and allowing her to extend her buildings to provide housing with running water for five families.

Avocado tree

Tomato crop – irrigated with water from the river via a pump provided by CCMP

Typical conditions for a backyard flock of domestic chickens

Weaver bird nests

A local couple standing on a water tank provided by CCMP, and filled with rainwater from the nearby roofs.

Walking though Swani Parish

Viewing various crops in Swani Parish, part of CCMP

Mixed, multi-level crops

By contrast to the local indigenous farmers, this is a mono-culture of pineapple fields owned by Del Monte.

Swani School – all education is in the national languages of KiSwahili and English, rather than the local language of Kikuyu

School children at the school

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