Thika diary – agriculture – photos #6

Next day, the group met at Thika Memorial Church, before travelling up into the mountains to see a variety of agricultural projects

The old church

The new church

Work continues on the new church

First stop – a tea plantation – Pam tries picking tea

Hillside crops – Macadamia nuts, passion fruit and arrowroot

More terraced fields

The view from the coffee processing plant across to the chicken farm

The intensive nature of this farm meant that hens were debeaked to avoid damage during the inevitable fighting

A typical day’s egg production … around 350,000 hens/eggs across four sites

By contrast … a small holding … and a photogenic goat enjoying the attention!

The contrast in animal welfare was quite striking … these hens have their beaks and rather more space to move

A visit to Kairi church … yet to begin the CCMP project

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