Read the whole story

Read the whole storyYou wouldn’t read just the first chapter of your favourite story, would you? Or watch just the opening sequences of your favourite film? Yet Christmas after Christmas that is exactly what we do when it comes to the “greatest story ever told.” We hear of the angel visiting Mary and Joseph, we travel with them to Bethlehem for the royal birth, we meet the shepherds and the wise men, but what then? 

Perhaps we might come back at Easter for the final chapter. Perhaps we occasionally dip into our Bibles to read some familiar stories of Jesus. But I suspect for some people the visit of the wise men is treated as the end of the story, rather than only the introduction to what happens next.

So this Advent we are encouraging everyone to read all 24 chapters of Luke’s gospel. (Spoiler alert: you won’t find any wise men along the way!) Simply start on December 1st with Luke chapter 1, and finish on December 24th with Luke chapter 24. Then on December 25th, as you celebrate Christmas, you will know the whole story and you will have even more reason to celebrate.

And if you have the opportunity, why not do this with your family or your friends? You might just be surprised at what you discover…

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