Read the Whole Story – December 1st to 7th


Sunday December 1st

Read Luke chapter 1.

Why did Luke write his gospel? How does this opening chapter help us be sure who Jesus is?

Pray that as you journey through Luke’s gospel you will truly understand who Jesus is and why He makes a difference to your life.

December 2nd

Read Luke chapter 2.

How do people respond when they encounter the child Jesus? What is your response to the Christmas story?

Pray that through all our Christmas services and events many will have a living encounter with Jesus – particularly your family and friends.

December 3rd

Read Luke chapter 3.

What was the purpose of John the Baptist’s ministry? How should we prepare for Jesus’ arrival?

Pray about how you can best honour Jesus with your money, your time and your gifts.

December 4th.

Read Luke chapter 4.

What are the different forms of opposition that Jesus faced? How do we know that Jesus is greater than the challenges and temptations we encounter?

Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to help you overcome whatever struggles you are facing at the moment.

December 5th

Read Luke chapter 5.

Why did some people follow Jesus while others refused to do so? What stops you following Jesus as you should?

Pray by name for those you know who refuse to follow Jesus.

December 6th

Read Luke chapter 6.

How does Jesus tell us to live as His followers? How do we put His teaching into practice?

With the General Election approaching, pray for more leaders in our nation who look to Jesus for wisdom and guidance.

December 7th

Read Luke chapter 7.

How could John the Baptist be sure Jesus was the one sent by God? Where do we see Jesus at work today?

Pray for our services tomorrow, that our worship together will reveal the power and the presence of the living Lord. 

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