Read the Whole Story 8th to 15th


Sunday December 8th

Read Luke chapter 8.

How does this chapter reveal the supreme authority of Jesus? What does it mean to live under the authority of His word?

Pray for all those who lead the church, that they will continue to preach God’s word faithfully and clearly.

December 9th

Read Luke chapter 9.

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? What haven’t Jesus’ disciples yet fully understood about following Him?

Pray for persecuted believers around the world who this very day are taking up their cross and following Jesus

December 10th

Read Luke 10.

Why is listening to Jesus so important? How should listening lead to practical action?

Pray that in all the busyness of the season you will find time to listen to Jesus and to do whatever He asks of you.

December 11th

Read Luke 11.

Why did Jesus have such harsh words for the religious leaders of His day? What did they fail to understand?

Pray through Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer today and then use it as the basis of your own prayers.

December 12th

Read Luke 12.

What should be our priorities each day according to Jesus? Why is our focus so often elsewhere?

As the nation goes to the polls, pray that the church would have wisdom in this present time of change and uncertainty.

December 13th

Read Luke 13.

Why did the message of Jesus prove so unpopular to so many people? What does it look like to live a life of genuine repentance?

Spend some time reading the news headlines today. Ask the Lord how you can best respond in prayer to events in the wider world.

December 14th

Read Luke 14.

What are the excuses that stop people from taking up their cross and following Jesus? What are your excuses?

As a new government is formed, pray that those who lead will do so in humility and with a concern for the poor and the outcast.

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