Read the Whole Story 15th to 21st


Sunday December 15

Read Luke 15.

What do these three stories tell us about God’s grace? Why should joy be at the very heart of our Christian faith?

Pray that in our services today men and women, young and old, will meet the God who is seeking to bring them home.

December 16

Read Luke 16.

Why is the love of money so damaging to our relationship with God? How should we use our money to serve Him?

Prayerfully review your giving and ask the Lord what He would have you give.

December 17th

Read Luke 17.

What distractions and temptations can pull us away from faith in Jesus? How do we make sure we do not harm or hinder anyone else’s relationship with Him?

Spend some time away from the computer, phone or any other device, simply thanking God for who He is, and let your praise then shape your prayers.

December 18th

Read Luke 18.

In this chapter there are people who approach Jesus in the right way and those who approach Him in the wrong way. How do you approach Jesus when you pray?

Today commit to praying regularly, faithfully and persistently for your brothers and sisters in Christ.

December 19th

Read Luke 19.

In this chapter Jesus is described as Lord and as king. So what did the crowds on the road into Jerusalem expect when they gave Jesus these titles? Why at the same time were the religious leaders trying to kill Him?

Prayerfully consider the blessings the Lord has given you and how you can best use them in His service.

December 20th

Read Luke 20.

Why were the teachers of the law so determined to catch Jesus out? How should we respond to those who seek to attack or undermine our faith?

Pray for all those who are hostile to the name of Jesus, and remember those who this year will be forced to celebrate Christmas in secret.

December 21st

Read Luke 21.

If you go to Jerusalem today you can still see the stones thrown down by the Roman soldiers. Why did the Lord bring such terrible punishment on the city? What lessons are there here for us?

As the season of Advent draws to a close, pray that those who bear the name of Jesus will be ready for His return.

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