A hurried election thought

I have been reading so much about General Election campaign, and from those I read I pick up so much bewilderment, anxiety and disillusionment about the whole political process. I cannot but help share the sense of frustration at a system which seems incapable of delivering the government we all want to see.

How has it come to this? I suggest there is a basic issue here of language. A generation ago we didn’t need to fact check every word a politician uttered, not were the facts a matter of a negotiation. But we have substituted dialogue for point scoring and soundbites; we have replaced truth with personal experience; we have relativised what it is right and what is wrong. We are reaping the fruits of post-modernism where the only thing that matters to me is my opinion, and any attempt to challenge that opinion is wrong, and is a proper subject for ridicule.

Oh yes, we can still be thankful we have a democracy. We can and must exercise our right to vote. But until there is a commitment by all parties to an agreed standard of truth, that promises carry weight and need to be honoured, that actions have consequences to which people must be held to account, our system will remain broken.

It is in this light I will be with a grateful heart remembering this Christmas day that the Word became flesh… from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14). And while I cannot change the political process, I can at least pray that I, and the church I serve, show that grace and truth to the nation, not only for our own’s sake, but also for the common good.

Lord, send revival and start with us.

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