Read the Whole Story 22nd to 24th December


December 22nd

Read Luke 22.

Why did Judas, Peter and the other disciples all fail Jesus? What had they not understand about Him?

Pray that, as many worship Jesus at carol services today, they would realise the baby born in a manger came to suffer and die on a cross.

December 23rd

Read Luke 23.

Why was Jesus put to death on a cross? What difference does His death make to you?

As you pray, ask that Jesus might remember you when He comes into His kingdom.

December 24th

Read Luke 24.

How do we know that this chapter is not in fact the end of the story? What difference does it make to you that Jesus has conquered death and is now alive?

Pray that at this Christmas all those in need will find the joy and comfort of the risen Saviour who is Christ the Lord.

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