Thy Kingdom Come 2020


Thy Kingdom Come starts this Thursday – Ascension Day – and runs until Pentecost, so from 21st to 31st May. It is a period of prayer and outreach run by many churches of all denominations and commended by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

How can we get involved this year?

Prayer for five  – As in past years, we can spend ten days praying for five we know to come to faith. We can’t physically invite them to an event this year, but why not invite them to any of the online events we run?

Prayer room – The theme this year is the “Upper Room.” The first disciples were together in an upper room behind locked doors, praying for the Holy Spirit to come. We may feel we are similarly isolated and afraid. But we can join with others. The diocese is holding a “prayer room” where churches can take hourly slots to pray over Zoom. I have gone ahead and booked next Sunday from 3pm to 5pm as a time when we can pray for ourselves, for those we want to know the Lord, and for our local communities.

Send us your photo! – At Pentecost the disciples were all gathered in one place. We can’t gather in the same way, but could you send us a photo? Someone has offered to make a collage out of church photos, and this would be a powerful reminder we are all one, even though we are scattered at the moment.

Please do spread the word, and make sure everyone knows what is happening. Other suggestions are also welcome! Let’s use this time as a real opportunity to pray for God’s kingdom to come in Stoke and in Devonport.


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