Welcome to the website of the churches of St Michael & St Barnabas, Devonport.

Our priorities as a church

Taking the model of the early church as our example, our priorities are:

Focus – that the aim of everything we do is to meet with God the Father through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Family and friends – that we aim to have real fellowship together and include others in our common life together.
Faithful living – that we aim to put what we believe into practice in every daily situation.
Foundations – that we are clear about what we believe, and able to explain our faith to others.

We also see food as quite important, and are moving towards café church at both churches once a month!

Our usual pattern of services (during term time)

St Barnabas
9.30am each Sunday

1st Sunday Holy Communion
2nd Sunday Morning Praise
3rd Sunday Holy Communion
4th Sunday All Age Worship (often Café style)
5th Sunday Morning Praise

St Michael’s
11am each Sunday

1st Sunday All-Age Worship
2nd Sunday Holy Communion
3rd Sunday Café Church
4th Sunday Holy Communion
5th Sunday Morning Praise

Evening Services
6pm at St Barnabas – usually on the second Sunday of the month

We have Junior Church at St Barnabas every Sunday apart from All-Age Worship, and at St Michael’s during our Holy Communion services. We include children and young people as full members of our churches, and encourage them to take a full part in our worship and life together as a church family.

Baptisms will usually take place within All-Age Worship. It is our policy only to offer baptism after preparation, and we encourage all those who are thinking about baptism to join us regularly at worship. We also offer services of thanksgiving for those who do not feel able to make the promised involved in baptism.

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