Thika diary – final day – photos #11

November 6, 2018

On their final day, the group took the opportunity to visit Namrata Shah for themselves

Foundations for a new building, still awaiting funding

Namrata Shah have their own farm …

… and grow whatever they need

A final view of the children’s home

And to finish, a few faces … and more food!

James, son of Revd Tim’s host, Archdeacon David

The Archdeacon’s girls, Deborah and Royal

James, Deborah and Royal

Jay, Pam and Beth stayed with Francis and his family (on the left) seen here with his vicar

A typical meal, with chapati, vegetables and stew

A final farewell from the choir at St Michael’s, Ruiru

Thika diary – at the Bishop’s – photos #10

November 5, 2018

On their final night, the group were invited by Bishop Julius to a meal … everyone was quite tired by then, but it was a spectacle not to be missed!

All dressed up for a party!

Revd Tim staying awake – just

The food was worth the wait

The setting was quite unexpected!

There was singing …

… and the group were expected to respond in kind!

At the end of the evening, Esther, Bishop Julius’ wife, gave gifts to each of the group

Thika diary – Karoa Parish – photos #9

November 3, 2018

Due to lack of resources, Ruiru parish is working closely with their neighbouring parish of Karoa. So later on Saturday, Revd Tim, Jay, Pam and Beth went to visit Karoa …

Emmanuel Church, Karoa

Everywhere they went, there was food! Often watermelon, boiled eggs and arrowroot. This is the unfinished Sunday School building.

Jay and Johnny

Emmanuel, Karoa

Some of the folk from Kaora … they made our people very welcome 🙂

An interior view of Emmanuel, Karoa

Thika diary – Ruiru Parish – photos #8

November 2, 2018

Finally, on Saturday, the members of the group were able to visit their link parishes and to meet some of the people who live there

St Michael & All Angels, Ruiru

Foundation stone. Thika Diocese was founded only 20 years ago and already has 30,000+ worshipping members of over 40 parishes.

Archdeacon Joseph and People’s Warden Johnny. AD Joseph is caretaking Ruiru parish and its neighbouring parish of Karoa while they wait to appoint a new minister.

Service times are about to change which might require some repainting!

The foundation stone of the old church

The Vicarage (currently unoccupied)

The Sunday School

Interior of St Michael’s, Ruiru

No escape! Tithes and offerings are received each Sunday with great ceremony.

Inside the old church

The church leadership team


Roads in Ruiru are typical of Kenya!

All roads lead to …. Nairobi

Thika diary – animals – photos #7

November 1, 2018

The group visited an elephant sanctuary and a wildlife park, Stedpak Gardens … their visit somewhat curtailed by the presence of FLOTUS, Melania Trump on her first overseas solo trip, and the bus breaking down on their way into Nairobi!

At the elephant orphanage

At Stedpak Gardens

African Grey Parrot

Beth enjoying the company of a Cockateil

Pam and the tortoise

Nile Monitor Lizards


Jay pointing out the obvious!

Grey-crowned Crane

A glimpse, on the way home, of slum dwellers scraping a living from the rubbish heaps …

Thika diary – agriculture – photos #6

October 31, 2018

Next day, the group met at Thika Memorial Church, before travelling up into the mountains to see a variety of agricultural projects

The old church

The new church

Work continues on the new church

First stop – a tea plantation – Pam tries picking tea

Hillside crops – Macadamia nuts, passion fruit and arrowroot

More terraced fields

The view from the coffee processing plant across to the chicken farm

The intensive nature of this farm meant that hens were debeaked to avoid damage during the inevitable fighting

A typical day’s egg production … around 350,000 hens/eggs across four sites

By contrast … a small holding … and a photogenic goat enjoying the attention!

The contrast in animal welfare was quite striking … these hens have their beaks and rather more space to move

A visit to Kairi church … yet to begin the CCMP project

Thika diary – photos #5

October 30, 2018

Next day, the group attended a regular teaching day at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Thika, and visited a local school to deliver some books sent by Bampton Junior School

Kenyatta Road School

Archdeacon David with some of the children, receiving the gift of books


Thika diary – Kerama Kogi – photos #4

October 29, 2018

Technically, it’s a hill, and the group were told merely that they were going for a walk … but Revd Tim, Jay, Pam & Beth insist it’s a mountain!

Setting out

It doesn’t matter how high, someone can make use of the land

Keep on going …

Looking back to where we began

The view was worth it! Looking out over the Tana river, the longest in Kenya

Made it!

Together at the top

What goes up …  (On the descent, Beth fell and hurt her ankle)

Thika diary – Swani parish – photos #3

October 27, 2018

On their first full day in Thika, Revd Tim, Jay, Pam and Beth joined the diocesan group in a visit to Swani parish. They soon learned that roads are rarely anything other than a dirt track, that no-one bothers about ‘the rules of the road’ and that dust gets everywhere!

A first look at CCMP – Church and Community Mobilisation Project

Often, CCMP focuses on creating a water supply … here allowing the owner to grow crops on this ground for the first time and allowing her to extend her buildings to provide housing with running water for five families.

Avocado tree

Tomato crop – irrigated with water from the river via a pump provided by CCMP

Typical conditions for a backyard flock of domestic chickens

Weaver bird nests

A local couple standing on a water tank provided by CCMP, and filled with rainwater from the nearby roofs.

Walking though Swani Parish

Viewing various crops in Swani Parish, part of CCMP

Mixed, multi-level crops

By contrast to the local indigenous farmers, this is a mono-culture of pineapple fields owned by Del Monte.

Swani School – all education is in the national languages of KiSwahili and English, rather than the local language of Kikuyu

School children at the school

Thika diary – photos #2

October 26, 2018

Some sights soon became familiar …

Archdeacon David’s home on Kenyatta Road, where Revd Tim was staying

Archdeacon David’s garden!

ACK Thika diocesan offices

ACK Thika Cathedral

Bananas growing in a domestic garden

A typical street scene – this is in Swani parish